The no-nonsense guide to succeeding on Upwork

From creating an impressive profile to making 6 figures

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Nine years of knowledge packed into two hours of video

In addition to being a successful freelancer, I've also hired many freelancers myself. I've built and sold my own company, studied finance and psychology. Now I've distilled all my knowledge into an actionable set of principles that you can use to jump-start your freelance career. While the advice is focused on the Upwork platform, 90% of it is applicable to all freelancing. What's inside?

Build an Impressive Profile

How to make a great first impression. Display trustworthiness from the get-go.

Communicate Like a Pro

How to increase your chance of being hired, build rapport with a client, and stand out from the crowd.

Analyze and Improve

How to grow your portfolio, learn from your mistakes, and become better every year.

Increase Your Earnings

How to apply a systematic approach to increasing your earnings, while keeping your workload high.

Think Outside of the Box

How to get creative with finding work, upselling to your existing clients, and diversifying your income.


And much more!

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How a Single Freelancer Outperforms a Whole Team

It has nothing to do with being more talented

Companies that want to hire you will often use an argument consisting of two logical fallacies, wrapped in a veneer of condescension. Specifically, they will tell you that you have to choose between security and freedom (false dichotomy fallacy). They will base their pitch on the presupposition that working in a team is more productive...

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“Great course with excellent video/audio quality. The instructor is clear and concise, and has an impressive Upwork history. He pointed out several crucial concepts that I had never thought of before. A lot of expertise packed into 2 hours of content. The knowledge I gained here will certainly help me develop my Upwork career. Thanks!”

“This course is such an enjoyable ride, from start to finish. Great video quality, content is on point and organized perfectly, everything is concise and instruction's couldn't be clearer. Looking forward to seeing more content from you.
P.S. Loved the book recommendations at the end, will definitely check them out.”

“Jovan is a great teacher and this course is very valuable! He has an amazing freelancing career and it's a privilege to learn from a freelancer as experienced as he is. He knows what's important and he tells it, without bs included as they do it on many other courses, blog posts, etc. Huge recommendation for this course!”